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  • The MaxiSpace dishwasher by Hotpoint gives clean and shiny dishes with no pre-rinsing

The MaxiSpace dishwasher by Hotpoint gives clean and shiny dishes with no pre-rinsing

MaxiSpace is the new Hotpoint built-in dishwasher, designed to guarantee perfect washing every time, without pre-rinsing the dishes, even with a large load.
An innovative household appliance that satisfies every need, guaranteeing a relaxing and effortless experience every day.

No more dishes in the sink

There is room for everything in the extra spacious tub of the MaxiSpace dishwasher by Hotpoint: a flexible rack that offers 10%¹ more space, with versatile solutions designed to be adapted to any type of load.

Rapid drying of the dishes

Through the ActiveDry function, the door on the MaxiSpace dishwasher opens automatically at the end of the washing cycle, in order to allow a natural air flow to enter inside it.

A state-of-the-art technology that guarantees up to 99%² better drying results and energy consumption reduced by up to 40%³.

Sparkling clean dishes every time

Only one thing can ruin a dinner among friends: having to interrupt the evening to rinse the plates before putting them in the dishwasher.

This is no longer a problem with the powerful 3D Zone Wash technology in the MaxiSpace dishwasher by Hotpoint: an independent system of spray arms that direct the water jets to the selected zone, with up to +80%⁴ extra washing power.

¹Comparison between the Hotpoint dishwashers with a standard tub and the dishwashers with the MaxiSpace tub. The extra space refers to the total load area of the three racks.
²Based on average drying results of Hotpoint 3-rack built-in dishwashers with ³ActiveDry on combined loads including plastic, glass, steel and porcelain, compared with the Hotpoint 3-rack built-in dishwashers without ActiveDry. The drying results may vary depending on the model and the dishwasher load.

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